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This includes mapping the gap between where you are now and where you want to get to. So consider current processes and what procedures and software need to change. You need to understand what your aims and goals are, and problems and pressure points — and develop strategies that are clear and communicated to all, and that support the organisation’s vision. There are a number of key technologies that are being used for digital transformation in accounting and finance, and below we consider ten of them.

Cloud computing can enhance security by providing secure access to financial information and documents from any device with an internet connection. Continuously reassess and refine your digital solutions as needed to ensure that they are providing the maximum benefit for your organisation. By submitting this form, you agree that Planergy may contact you occasionally via email to make you aware of Planergy products and services. Regardless of your choice, introducing communication tools, time tracking, and workflow options are just some of the new tools that businesses have introduced to cope with this new way of working. The deployment of RPA along with the use of artificial intelligence eliminates time-consuming manual tasks, allowing your employees to shift their attention to more essential work with increased productivity. Without the proper analysis, customer data is just taking up space on your computer.

Accelerate digital transformation in your finance function and organization.

With such brilliant benefits, over a third of all financial services organizations are considering its deployment in 2023 and beyond. is about empowering the CFO and the Finance Team to take on the leadership position in the digitalization of the enterprise. Our work together has resulted in innovations in the areas of blockchain, Oracle Cloud transformation and robotics, providing the basis for accelerated solutions we’ve gone on to use in subsequent large-scale finance transformations with other clients. And importantly, for a company that thrives on M&A, our finance transformation work has enabled greater ease of integration for new entities as well as more immediate synergy and accelerated time to value. Eighty percent of finance leaders agree finance must significantly accelerate its implementation of digital finance technology to effectively support the business by 2025. If they don’t succeed, they anticipate a range of adverse effects, including the losses of their standing with decision makers, finance’s business foresight and finance’s operational efficiency.

This technology is useful for most automation solutions as the back-end processes and functionalities do not require on-premise infrastructure. Moreover, cloud functionality makes for 24/7 remote and online accessibility by all authorized personnel. This will mean that the progress of financial tasks, be it close or O2C or S2P, can all be remotely monitored independent of location. Cloud providers do not just offer storage and infrastructure, but also platforms digital financial transformation and tools through which apps and services can be developed. Since Dargan joined UBS in 2016, its tech teams have shifted from using 50 different development tools to just one cloud-based service they launched, called UBS DevCloud. Through this open ecosystem, built on public cloud, UBS software engineers have a seamless experience to develop, test and release code within a single tool, enabling them to launch products quickly and update them often.

IT Director Pooja Bagga on leading digital transformation across Royal Mail operations

In conclusion, digital transformation is rapidly changing the financial services industry, enabling financial institutions to innovate, streamline operations, and enhance customer experiences. Financial services institutions must prepare for the future and move quickly towards a new world powered by digital transformation. To stay competitive, financial institutions must embrace digital transformation and adopt new technologies and business models that will enable them to serve their customers better, reduce risks, and create new revenue streams. From AI and machine learning to cloud computing and IoT, a range of technologies are driving this transformation, creating new business opportunities, and disrupting traditional models. Our client understood that undergoing a total company finance transformation would not be easy and would take time. Working with the client, we began by focusing on a data strategy and the necessary changes involving people and organizational structure needed to support that strategy.

finance digital transformation

Choosing a document productivity solution is an investment and has the potential to ruffle some internal feathers, so Nitro offers multiple resources to make change management and digital transformation easieron your staff. When they opted for Nitro’s PDF and eSign solutions, they seamlessly integrated eSignature software into their digital customer platform while adhering to regulatory needs. They now offer a digital, secure private banking experience for customers and have transformed the way they interact and transact with clients, suppliers and employees. Digitalizing your financial services organization with PDF and eSign software should be easy, affordable and quick. If you want to drive digital transformation in your finance business and don’t know where to start, talk to us.

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3, 78% of high-level executives exhibited preference to tamper with quarterly reporting in order to sooth stakeholders’ sentiment. Blockchain will eliminate that possibility because all adjustments are recorded and verified in real-time, not just at the end of quarters. For example, in the order-to-cash process, once an item is added to the cart, retailers have to assume that the costumer has the money to pay for the good, so that they can set the logistical wheels in motion. That “assumption” is basically extending the customer a line of credit until it comes to payment processing. For periodically-repetitive procedures, such as journal entries during financial close, these bots can be scheduled to work as commanded (i.e. recording sales data on journals as they come in), thus minimizing the possibility of missed deadlines.

finance digital transformation

While some businesses have fully embraced an entirely remote workforce, others are opting for a more flexible arrangement. It’s impossible to complete this new framework without transforming your business as well. As we all know, introducing new technology can cause a tremendous amount of pushback from employees and other stakeholders. When outside of work, he continues to stay on top of the latest technology trends, enjoys traveling with a balance of sports and yoga.

Workforce skill change – focus on the future skills needed

The types of data the software should be able to process (financial data, asset-related data, supplier and customer data, etc.). Since 2007, ScienceSoft has been helping companies digitally transform and innovate their financial management processes. Robots can be used to automatically detect and prevent fraud, by analysing financial data and identifying unusual or suspicious patterns. AI can be used to automatically detect and prevent fraud, by analysing financial data and identifying unusual or suspicious patterns. Cloud computing can be used to access and analyse financial data in real-time, which can help inform decision-making.

finance digital transformation

Companies across all industries, especially the finance industry, can leverage innovative technology solutions to improve their business aspects. By investing in a digital transformation, you’re actively laying the foundation needed for leveraging innovation later down the line. Some other departments, that finance professionals have worked with since introducing new technologies to the finance function, include human resources (55.6%), customer service (44.4%), and research and development (14.8%). Technology can help the finance function collaborate with other departments in several ways.

Automated operations and finance will focus on Business Intelligence (BI) and service.

Financial solutions leverage AI to evaluate applicants’ credit history more quickly, efficiently, and accurately. So the automated financial solution and the credit agency collaborate with each other to gather credit score on one end, and send it to your ERP on the other, thus allowing the wheels of the O2C process to be set in motion. Artificial intelligence covers a variety of technologies that can be used to enhance financial tasks, such as credit extension.

  • His expertise lies in seamlessly translating business needs into cutting-edge technical solutions.
  • The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic convinced potential stragglers to invest more in technology — IDC has predicted that spending on digital transformation technology and services will grow to $3.4 trillion worldwide by 2026.
  • Additionally, LaClair elaborated on Ally’s finance function’s efforts to keep high-value professionals engaged with the company.
  • Digital transformation in the financial sector involves various technologies such as cloud computing, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the Internet of Things .

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